Newry Canal Towpath

Newry Canal Towpath

Originally posted on our family blog 27 March 2008. On 18 May, I returned to the towpath to do the complete journey from Dundalk to Portadown and back, a distance of 111km. The photo is not my own, I forgot the camera that day.

I went on a cycling trip today, going from Dundalk to Newry, and from there along the the Newry Canal Towpath towards Portadown. I didn’t go all the way to Portadown, though, as a new goal snuck into my head as I was cycling… doing a hundred kilometres on the bicycle in one day. So I did. I am over the moon, and eternally grateful to Micky for letting me go for so long.

The stats at the end of the day:

Distance: 100.56km
Cycling time: 6.05.31 (Total time of journey about 8 1/2 hours)
Average speed: 16.4km/h
Max: 35.8km/h
Odometer reading: 502.7km


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