Trip to Armagh.

This was originally posted to my LiveJournal blog on 10 May 2008. Ronan is my bicycle.

Yesterday morning 9am, after roughly four hours’ work in front of the computer, I looked out the window to see… a gorgeous, enticing, alluring, seductive day. No, not blazing sunshine and bright blue skies. Soft grey clouds, misty rain.

Perfect for cycling.

I exploded into a flurry of activity, preparing my wee family for a day without me. Then it was me, Ronan and the road.

I headed for Armagh, cycling through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. At 48km, the journey there was at the upper limit of my abilities. To be honest, I wanted to see if I could do +/- 100km in one day on a route that was not as flat and easy as the one I did when I hit three digits the first time (on the Newry Canal Towpath). This route was anything but easy, though not as hard as day 2 of my three-day trip.

Coming out of Armagh, as often happens due to my brilliant navigational skills, I went the wrong way. I realised a few kilometres on that I was heading for Monaghan. An interesting weaving through farmland and windy little roads followed. I did at last find my way to Keady, and from there to Newtownhamilton.

Total distance for yesterday: 115.83km (That’s 72 miles)

Total cycling time taken (that’s only when the bike was in motion, the timer stops when the bike does): 5:51.

But now, for the most awesome bit of info from my trusty little gadget.

Odometer reading: 1020.3 km.

I rock. Or rather, I cycle. Lots.


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