First tri done

I participated in The Rock, more widely known as Setanta’s Blackrock Sprint Tri, on Saturday.  It was great fun, but I won’t bore you with the details here.  I’d aimed to do it in an hour and a half, and managed 1:21:45.  However, I was frustrated and angry with myself for being so slow on the run.  I’d done better than I’d thought I would in the swim, and while my touring cycling is very different from this kind of cycling, having covered more than 5 500km on two wheels seems to have given me some strength at least on the bike.  But oh, gods, the run.

I’d overtaken so many people on the bike who just soared past me on the run, while I could do no more than shuffle along.  This doesn’t take away from my happiness with having done my first one.  It just makes me realise I need to work on my running.

Other lessons learned:

  • Do not forget your swimming goggles and nose clip.  Really.
  • Put sunscreen on.  That one should go in bold, underlined and italics.

In other news, things are looking good for a mid-July cycling trip.  My soul thirsts for a few days of just me, Ronan, two panniers of luggage to see us through whatever might come and the open road.  I might go out of Ireland, but it would have to be somewhere I won’t need a visa (or can get one quickly, and free: not impossible when your spouse is an EU citizen) and where, preferably, I can go by ferry.  I like flying less the more I do it, and Ronan’s carrier was broken in transit on the way back from Switzerland.  I’d really rather go by ferry, there’s a kind of magic to that which I can’t wait to feel again.

Limits my options, hugely, but I’ll also be quite happy to go explore the South of Ireland.  I’ve never been that side, though I’ve grown very fond of the North, its people and its beauty.  So we’ll see how things go.


3 thoughts on “First tri done

  1. Congrats on finishing your debut tri under your target time.

    My brother visited Ireland on his motorbike a few weeks ago and, judging by the photos he took, there are some amazing places to see. Failing that, well, there’s always N Wales again. 🙂

  2. I’d love to see you again, Mike. Sorry to have taken so long to respond, I think I’ve got email trouble. I haven’t received any notifications from either Facebook or WordPress, and I emailed you and another friend who would normally reply. Nothing. I assumed you were either busy or away, but now I wonder. Anyway, I didn’t reply here because I wasn’t notified of your comment. *scratches head*

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