Not the greatest day, but…

This is a cycling/training specific entry, which will probably be excruciatingly boring for everybody except me. Feel free to not read it.

I have nobody but myself to blame for this day not being as good as it should have been. I dawdled and messed around, and only left for my bike ride around 2pm. I really want to still enjoy my Sunday bike ride, and for me, that means a combination of cycling and writing. At first, as I pedalled, I thought I’d just keep at it and do my four hours, come hell or high water. I changed my mind.

What’s on my training programme is not just ‘Bike 4 hours’, it’s ‘Bike 2+2 hrs’. That means, my plan is to cycle two hours, have lunch and a spot of writing – as long as the netbook battery lasts, which is about 2 hrs – and then another two hours’ cycling. I really, really needed to just chill, so I put priority on this, and ended up stopping for a sandwich and some writing after two hours, knowing there was less than an hour left between me and home.

One big problem with the bike/write/bike thing, is having my laptop (it’s actually a netbook, which is much smaller and lighter than a normal laptop) handy. Today, I tried to take it with me in a backpack. It’s very light, so it wasn’t a bother… but I think it caused a very bad backache, lower left. I experimented with lifting the pack off my back, and the pain seemed to fade a bit. It seemed that though the pressure it put there was miniscule, it was enough to upset some nerve and cause a lot of pain.

The other major problem is a secure place to put my bike while I’m lunching. Today, I parked him by a window and sat at a table right next to him. If the window hadn’t been in the way, I could have put my hand on him. Even so, I wasn’t happy. It’s not that Daniel is the world’s greatest bike (you are to me, darling, don’t worry) (yes, I realise my bike is unlikely to have internet access, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful), it’s just that replacing him if he gets stolen will not only break my heart, it will also be… tough. He didn’t exactly cost pocket change.

So, I thought this over while singing ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’ very loudly as long as I still had breath to do so. And lo, I hit upon a plan. I shall load Daniel in Mork, and then I shall drive to wherever I want to have lunch. I shall set off on Daniel, pedal as far as the training programme says to do in the first session. Then I’ll put Daniel back in Mork, take my laptop out (for some reason, my laptop has been silent on the matter of its sex, name, and personality), then eat and write and chill. After that, laptop in, Daniel out, and the second biking session can commence.

Another point, I was very angry with myself for starting so late. This is the fact of the matter: I have to get up early every day of the week. I cannot dawdle and take my time ever. Yes, I felt sorry for myself about this for a few minutes, but then I remembered how incredibly privileged I am. True, every weekday I rush from the moment the alarm goes off at 6:00 until I stop at the gym anytime from 9:00. I rush again, like a mad thing, from 14:40, often until after 17:00. Then I often take half an hour even though I know I shouldn’t, to just internetise until it’s madness again, cleaning, cooking, helping with homework.

But how many other people have time from 9:00 until 14:40 to do other stuff? True, it often has to be household stuff or hunting for stuff the kids need for school (it’s surprising sometimes how much there is to take care of just to keep a household running smoothly), but most of those hours belong to me. I use part of that time for training, and that’s my choice. That leaves me an hour or three for writing or seeing friends four days a week (Thursdays I have to shop, and that basically takes whatever’s left after gym).

Not many people have that much time off. I’m privileged, and the price for that privilege is that Saturdays are working days with house cleaning and laundry, and Sundays I will have to get up early to finish what housework I have to do so I can leave early enough to have a fun, wonderful day of cycling.

So: up early, finish housework early, leave early enough to do what I need to do. Mork to lunch spot, first biking session, lunch and writing, second biking session.

Thus it is written. Let’s bloody hope that’ll help to make it done.

Oh, and I stole Ronan’s cycling computer and gave it to Daniel. I feel a bit bad about it, but I’ll buy Ronan a shiny new one in a few weeks to make up for it. So for the first time in weeks, I know I managed an average of 27km/h for the first 25km, but it was really flat (Dundalk to Carlingford). The average fell to 23.8km/h by the end of the ride, we must point out that the rest of the trip included Newry Hill.

  • Distance: 66.84km
  • Time: 2.49.48
  • Average: 23.8km/h
  • Max: 50km/h

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