Doping in the world of top cyclists is in the news again, after Floyd Landis gave interviews to two television stations, one German, one French. He’s claiming that Lance Armstrong, darling of the cycling world, used banned substances as much as anyone else at the time, and that everyone else was doped up to their eyeballs.

I don’t know that much about the whole issue, as much as I love cycling, I have little interest in watching the Tour or reading about top cyclists. I did have a very interesting chat to a guy who’s been in the cycling world for years a few weeks ago, and learned a lot from it. He thinks that doping in as rife in the higher levels of other sports as it is in cycling, and he wasn’t talking athletics or the other usual suspects. He was referring to sports such as football.

Whatever the case may be, I find the whole mess sad and frustrating. It casts a shadow of doubt over every achievement by cyclists over the last thirty years, and makes you look in a new way at the top guys. My feeling is that a win accomplished by doping yourself to the gills is a hollow, worthless thing. I suppose you have the money and the glory, but you can’t possibly hope to have any respect for yourself. And who else’s respect really counts, if you don’t have your own?


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