Call a spade a spade, call a chair a… shelf?

I had these old chairs I was about to throw away, and in the meantime I was in desperate need of some extra shelving space in my bedroom. When I went to stare at the darn chairs one day, inspiration struck.

That’s bolted to the wall with six very strong bolts on the chair-legs side, as I didn’t intend for much weight to go on the backrest side. I intend to put one more of these up, and may use a shelf bracket on the backrest side to support it if I think I’ll need more strength there.

You can’t really see it there, but the cat jumps onto the bed, from there onto a small shelf mounted on the cabinet you can just see the top of in the bottom left corner of the photo, then she jumps onto the green shelf, and from there onto her nest. I put a piece of white rubbery stuff that’s meant to keep rugs from slipping under the pillow so she doesn’t pull it off when jumping up there. Sometimes she leans over the side and catches the scarves for fun.


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