Tissue Box Cat

I’ve been quiet recently, but there’s a reason: I’m studying like mad. However, the tissue box cat is worth an interruption. Penny is Micky’s cat. She’s really quite a smart animal, and very fond of tissue boxes. Ever since she was a baby, she loved sleeping on them, and also loved digging the tissues out until they were in a big, comfortable mess. Penny still loves sleeping on tissue boxes, but the effect is… somewhat different (updated with a much better comparison photo ((c¦):

Also, the effect on the box of tissues has changed:


6 thoughts on “Tissue Box Cat

  1. Ha, my grandma had a kitten that slept in a small wicker fruit bowl. As a kitten she fit in it just nicely, but as an adult she had to curl up incredibly tight and even then she was spilling out all over. Nevertheless it remained her favourite place to lie.

  2. My dog, Lenny, has to lay on something, be it a plastic bag or even just a little scrap of paper. If it’s on the floor, he will lay on it.

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