Beautiful image for today

From Street Art Utopia


5 thoughts on “Beautiful image for today

    1. I am so with you on that. In the meantime, I’m quite delighted to see the many ways in which people beautify the dull buildings in cities.

      How about this, though? Vertical Garden

      More of both, I say!

      1. Wow – I wonder how sustainable that is though, being on a vertical surface and all… That reminds me of the Hundertwasser houses, for example
        It would be great if there was a systematic effort in urban areas throughout the world to apply this kind of architectural design… but I guess that takes money, effort, education… *sigh*

      2. I often feel horribly overwhelmed by exactly that, the fact that we can see these things need to be done, along with all the other actions we know are vital, such as greenhouse gas reduction, addressing pollution etc. It just seems hopeless and overwhelming. That’s what got me onto the stuff I’m studying, the core motivation of changing people’s hearts so they change their lifestyles. I believe it will have to start with a difference in the foundation we live from – outward rather than inward living, I call it – and that we must work with individuals to bring change, one by one.

        Don’t feel overwhelmed. There are many across the world who are moving with us in the right direction, with bringing beauty into a world where that is seen as luxury, with persistent moves to bring nature into our lives. Eventually we will prevail.

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