Poetry Decoupage: Breakfast at Dan’s

I’ve never been quite sure what to do with my poetry. I post it online, two or three people read it, then it fades into obscurity. Yet I always get very positive feedback, so it seemed a shame to not do more with what I write. I don’t feel a poetry collection is really the right way to bring poems into their own, they’re better displayed on a wall. It occurred to me to write them in calligraphy, but still it didn’t feel right. The idea then evolved to turn into making the poetry part of a work of art, but the problem is, I’m no fine artist. One day, I had the idea to use decoupage.

Here is a scan of the first canvas I made of one of my poems. It’s called Breakfast at Dan’s, and was written here:

…while I waited three hours for my kids to finish at summer camp in Carlingford, at the Adventure Centre just around the corner. I made it into this:

I am rather proud of myself.



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