Time Magazine

So back in July Joe Klein wrote an otherwise admirable article which managed to deeply insult all non-believers. Okay, mistakes happen, but when he was shown to be astronomically wrong, he didn’t apologise, and in fact made light of others’ anger over his false claims. Time itself stood by his claims, and refused to print a retraction or apology.

My dad has been buying us a Time subscription for years, as a gift. However, I could no longer stomach receiving a magazine whose editorship feels people like me are a fair target to lie about as they please. I emailed my dad and explained that we’d appreciate a subscription to, for instance, National Geographic more, then emailed Time and asked for a cancellation. They replied that this won’t be a problem.

We still kept receiving the damn magazine. Today I’d had enough. I phoned Time’s customer service line, only to discover that it’s not possible to cancel the subscription after all (why wasn’t I told this in the first place?). The lady I spoke to kindly offered to make a note on our file that a renewal reminder should not be sent to my dad.

She herself was of course lovely, but as for the magazine and whichever scunner-slime designed their system for managing subscriptions: you are muck from the bottom of a five-year-old pit toilet serving a thousand hyenas. Clearly the idea was to quetly ignore my request for cancellation, having placated me with a lie that such a cancellation was even possible. After that, you’d just accidentally send a renewal reminder to my dad, so he’d pay in advance for another year’s subscrption… which you’d no doubt shrug and say it can’t be cancelled!




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