I am attempting to widen my news reading, as it’s probably as closed-minded to only read the Guardian as it would be to only watch Fox News. So I visited for a bit of a different view on what’s going on in the world. Good website, except they have in their menu across the top the following categories: News, Sport, Business, Woman, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Videos, Photos. My first question on seeing that was, why should there be a separate category for women?

I clicked on it and understood why: because clearly, the Independent is still extricating itself from the view that women are vacuous creatures who shouldn’t bother their cute little heads with such weighty issues as world news. No, ladies, we at the Independent realise that what interests you is Celeb News, Photos, Videos, Fashion, Beauty, Love & Sex, Diet & Fitness, Horoscopes, and Competitions.

Grow up, Luddites. Your sexism is showing.

Does it matter?


2 thoughts on “WTF,

  1. I don’t even live in Ireland and I was outraged by the woman section on the independent’s website. I read another post where women are writing in about it. I hope they’re heard and this changes!

    1. I doubt it, unfortunately I think they cater for a (majority?) group which would either be puzzled that one could find it infuriating for such interests to be assigned to women or understand the wrongness but think it’s stupid to get angry about it. Sure what harm can it do?

      I think this is one of the most widespread cases of stereotyping in our society – that of stereotyping women. Even among men, the muscle-bound stereotype still leaves space for intellectuals, artistic types; there’s room for variety, and nowhere near the kind of demand for conformity to a physical standard. Women are much more bound by the mould somehow ingrained in the collective brain. 😦

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