More than disagreement

About forty minutes ago, I was sitting in DKIT’s canteen with my son, Jonathan, discussing an urgent issue – we meet there when we have to talk during his school’s lunch, as his school is adjacent to the campus. We were interrupted by a chap in a suit who offered me a pamphlet, one of the politicians running for the upcoming elections. I took it, glanced at it, then handed it back: “Sorry, I will never vote for you. I’m pro choice.” I thought I was matter-of-fact but not rude. This sadly was a short-lived state of affairs.

“Ah,” he replied, “yes, I believe in the sanctity of all life.” He half leaned over me to hand the pamphlet to my son. “Can I give one to you then?”

That’s where I kind of lost it. “No, you can’t, that’s my son, you can go away and leave us alone.”

“There now,” he said, “we may disagree but we can do so without mumble mumble (it was noisy, I missed his exact words).” He squeezed my upper arm as he left. (Really? I made it abundantly clear to you that I don’t like you, and you go and clutch my arm?)

So I sat there, battling to get my concentration back to the discussion my son and I were having, but I was shaking with anger. We don’t merely disagree, Mr Mullen. You view me as an inferior human being. To your mind, my rights are conditional. If I were to fall pregnant, my body, mind, organs, all become things over which others decide. A potential human being is more important to you than a human being who has lived, loved, built relationships, who carries responsibilities and on whom others rely. Over and above denying women the right to choose when they are ready to give birth, you also inflict the most unspeakable cruelty on heartbroken parents who have to end a much wanted pregnancy for medical reasons.

Frankly, Mr Mullen, fuck you. We “disagree” the way a neo-nazi and a Jew disagree. I have no obligation to be anything but rude to an arsehole who views me as inferior. You disgust me, the pain and sorrow you and your kind inflict on others should see you in hell, and what you experienced today was my version of being nice to someone as disgusting as you. Gods help us all if you do get elected. I’d be ashamed to have you represent my country.


2 thoughts on “More than disagreement

  1. Hi Nadia, I presume by ‘Mr. Mullen’ you are referring to Ronan Mullen ? I believe this Mr. Mullen is arrogant to a fault, extremely pushy as illustrated by every time I have encountered himself and his campaign team. The most recent occasion was outside Blackrock church a number of weeks ago where it was nearly impossible (although I succeeded) to pass by his leaflet bearers at the base of the church steps and again at the entrance to the car park. Mr. Mullen seems to be of the opinion that you are going to listen to him whether you like it or not.

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