Failure, success

One of my deep interests is human wellbeing. I did not have much opportunity to study it formally, but devoted an enormous amount of time to study the subject on my own steam. In addition, I obtained certificates in life coaching and stress management. I was quite passionate about the issue, deeply moved by the plight of those struggling to be happy, and keen to help people discover how much more control we have over how we feel, than we often realise. To spread the word, I started a business: Koru Consulting, with the aim of teaching happiness.

Alas, my business venture failed. It was a good experience because it taught me a lot about myself. Notably, I realised I’m an introvert, and do very badly when I have to put myself out there. I went through a period of very careful examination of my life and the things I am naturally drawn to. At the tail end of it, I decided to turn my attention to my creative side, my interest in web design. I enrolled for a Level 5 FETAC course in computing, after a month moving up to Level 6 Networks and Software Systems as my existing knowledge was broader than I had realised. I passed the course with distinctions in most of my subjects, and am at the time of writing about to start a degree course in Media Arts and Technologies at our local college.

I’ve done many jobs in my life. I’ve tried many things, some were successful, others failed. Yet I’ve come to a place of being really, really content. I was prepared to try, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I’m elated I can say that, rather than: “I never failed! Because I never tried.”


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