Common ground

Yesterday I visited a dear, treasured friend who happens to be a devoted Christian. We had a lovely time, a fantastic chat, and most of all, something I’ve learned since my convictions changed from Christian faith, was confirmed yet again. Common ground is not necessarily what we think it is.

Think of the term “common ground” in a literal sense. Imagine yourself, therefore, standing on firm earth. The place I picture when I think this way, is a rich green field surrounded by hedges and trees. When I look around me, I see my Christian friend there. I see other friends, too. We are not all bundled together in one spot, because you know, that would be suffocating. Instead, we’re spread out in this mindspace, but close enough yet to see each other, call a greeting, have a conversation.

Common ground gives enough space for different positions. What matters is the foundation under your feet.


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