How not to evangelise to an atheist

I wondered, as I opened our post box to find an issue of Creation Magazine waiting, how many of these copies are received by creationists, and how many are bought for non-creationists by creationists, to convince them to change their minds. In our case it’s certainly the latter. I am an atheist, this magazine subscription was bought by a creationist relative after my husband, in an exchange of comments on Facebook, offered to buy him a copy of Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker for Christmas.

Reading it gives me an opportunity to try to explain how these kinds of beliefs look to me, with a genuine effort to keep animosity and exasperation out of it. Hopefully it can save someone the trouble of trying to evangelise their neighbourhood atheist with stuff like this. When your atheist friend/family member is confronted with the following, these are the thoughts that go through their mind:

Secularism is Atheism Part One

Secularism is Atheism Part Two

Secularism is Atheism Part Three

Secularism is Atheism Part Four

Secularism is Atheism Part Five

Whale Shark Mystery

Slippery Slope

Focus Section

Amazing Ancient Chinese Treasure Ships



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