How not to evangelise to an atheist: Secularism is Atheism part two

If you haven’t yet, read this first, or this post won’t make sense.

Consequently, state institutions sponsored Christian celebrations. Parliaments had daily Christian prayers. School assemblies had prayers and Christian hymns, and the readers used for teaching reading contained many Bible passages.

This has largely been lost. Apparently we can’t have Christian activities anymore; …

From Creation Magazine, Vol. 37 No. 1 2015

I abhor dishonesty, despise it, and when still a Christian this was something which shocked me to the core when I first explored Creationism. Creationists lie. They lie, and they lie.

In this case, the lie is “Apparently, we can’t have Christian activities anymore…”. This is a widespread lie. The magazine offers subscriptions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and Europe (Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. etc.). The links will show you there are hundreds of churches in those countries. I’m sure they don’t play ping pong there, they offer Christian activities.

What’s really going on is that Christians are no longer given the right to force their beliefs on others, in places where they had a free hand before. People’s free will is being increasingly respected – you know, that free will God gave them and considers so vitally important. Most Christians are okay with that, and in fact grateful for it. They’d rather people convert if they become convinced, not coerced. They’d rather not be forced to listen to and parrot Christian views which they themselves don’t subscribe to. They’d rather teach their own children about their faith, to know they are being taught the principles and views the family hold instead of being trapped in a classroom with some random teacher who may well practice a kind of Christianity the parents reject.

Creationists are not among them. They want the right to force their views on everyone, and scream persecution when others say: “No”.

This may be hard for creationists to believe, but in my experience, atheists tend to place a high value on honesty, especially if they are ex-Christians. Again, I don’t know if you can understand this, but the switch is traumatic. You have to really value being honest with yourself and others to endure the drama and often discrimination that goes with “coming out” as an atheist.

So make sure you have your facts straight. Get them from sources other than the Creationist propaganda machine, because they have such a long, and well-documented history of lies that it would make Baron Munchausen clear his throat and look embarrassed. Be honest when you witness to an atheist and do your homework, or you will lose them within the first few words.

Next: Secularism is Atheism Part Three


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