How not to evangelise to an atheist: Slippery Slope Warning on Euthanasia

If you haven’t yet, read this, or this post will not make sense to you.

Society’s increasing acceptance of voluntary so-called ‘mercy killing’ (euthanasia) is clearly linked to the abandonment of the Genesis declaration that people were specially created in God’s image.

…. Don’t make our mistake,, 10 July 2014

From Creation Magazine, Vol. 37 No. 1 2015

Again, I see a reference to the Daily Fail and your article is immediately discredited. The rest of your magazine is also tainted, because journalists and/or editors who are THAT bad cannot be trusted.

As for the issue, it is one of the great examples of how creationists have little if any depth of understanding of the issues at hand. Again, also, they are not satisfied with practicing their faith in their lives. They want to force everyone else to live their lives according to the creationist’s faith. They believe enduring excruciating pain or suffering is right and proper, if the only alternative is death. If that’s their decision, fine, but what is a problem, is that they insist you and I do the same. This is no different, in my view, from those who refused birthing women pain relief because they considered that pain to be God’s will.

If you’re interested in a detailed response to the slippery slope argument, read this.

If you want to really at least try to understand the point of view of people who decide they want to die, watch this:





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