How not to evangelise to an atheist: conclusion

If you haven’t yet, please read this or the following might not make sense.

There are many more articles in this issue of Creation magazine, but – and this is very important for creationists to understand – one will only read so far before you toss the thing in the bin. All reasonable, normal human beings do that: you don’t necessarily have to read the entire book to realise it’s not for you, usually you can tell after battling your way through two or three chapters. Just so, with this magazine, the first number of articles you read paint a clear picture of dishonesty, poor journalism, a woeful understanding of the scientific process, and bizarre persecution fantasies.

What intrigues me at the moment is the question of how a person who is generally pleasant and generally intelligent gets sucked into this weird cult. What saddens me is how “I am a Christian and you’re not” seems, in many Christians’ minds, to give some sort of licence for barbed comments and sarcasm. It’s remarkable how little Jesus’ supposed followers consider that even evil atheists like us still have feelings, still have emotions that can get hurt.

That is probably the greatest tragedy for me of relations with certain Christians: they don’t care how much they hurt you, they don’t care how much their horrible comments and barbs poison a conversation you may have looked forward to. Their foremost goal is to drag you into their cult, too, and screw whatever relationships may be laid to waste in the process.

It’s a double tragedy because I have Christian friends who don’t succumb to this, who serve a God asking them to love others first and foremost. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have more of those. Thank you to each of you who remain caring friends no matter what our differences may be.


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