The cost of avoiding a short walk

In a June article, Talk of the Town reports that the place where I study, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT), has suffered massive cuts to its funding. This is placing a huge strain on staff, who struggle to continue doing their jobs with less money, but more students. A saving of €31,200 would no doubt be welcomed, even if it’s just a drop in the bucket, it’s a drop that can pay for an extra staff member, or for upgrades to ageing equipment, or for a number of other needs.

Instead, €30,000 of that money is spent on sparing Catholic students a journey of 1.1km. That is how far they’d have to travel to get to the nearest Catholic church. You can walk that in about two minutes. Should the student not want to walk, they can instead hop on the local bus. If they get the Halpenny service, the bus will literally drop them directly in front of the entrance of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

If students are Presbyterian, DKIT cares a lot less, but they still care. They pay €1,200 to a minister from that church to be on standby to rush over so anyone belonging to their organisation won’t have to travel the horrifying distance of 3.3km to reach the nearest of their churches. Should they take that same Halpenny bus, they’d have to walk roughly 260m from where the bus drops them to their church. Can’t have that, now. Let’s pay for the minister to travel to campus!

If you’re a member of any other religion, DKIT doesn’t give a crap how far you have to travel to see one of your priests/ministers/overlords. Fuck you, student, there’s this thing called a bus. Only Catholic and Presbyterian stuents are considered too stupid to take one.


2 thoughts on “The cost of avoiding a short walk

  1. Beautifully done, Nadia!!

    Are you still attending DkIT? Do you know that as a result of the Atheist Ireland campaign, the DkIT chaplaincy went out to tender last year? The same candidate was appointed but since the appointment was open the contract is now much more comprehensive . Here’s a very relevant clause in the new contract:

    Fr Paddy is a nice guy but that’s not really the point. The point is that he is contractually obliged to provide spiritual direction to students who believe that there is no god. How about we approach Fr Paddy and ask him to arrange an event for non-religious students? Maybe just a one-hour event when he debates and discusses “Is there a god?” with a non-religious person?

    If he’s still saying Mass for Catholics, he’s obliged to also spend time arranging events for the non-religious.

    What do you think, Nadia?


    1. I am so tempted! I again thought I should perhaps have helped to start an atheist society on campus, but I really am overloaded with study and household, over and above existing extracurricular activities aimed at keeping me sane!

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