You look awful!

dreamstimefree_247594I am doing a thing: I am looking at those around me, and I am making an effort to not judge. That guy with the clothes: you know, the one that makes you roll your eyes? I am putting brakes on that eye-roll. That girl with the stuff, you know what I’m talking about, the one that makes you smirk. I am giving that smirk a glare and making it scuttle back into its cave.

I am doing this thing because I have learned that someone, somewhere, is going to do the same about me. They are going to look at my face, and if they want, they will have grounds for nudging a friend with an elbow and waggle an eyebrow in my direction. They are going to spot my shoes, my shirt, my hair, my socks, and I guarantee you “they” will have among their ranks members who will find reason for disapproval.No matter what you wear, how you cut your hair, what makeup you do or don’t wear, you look awful to someone somewhere.

And I am they, to someone else, and I decide to rather realise everytime I feel that impulse to disapprove that among “them” there are also those who think what I disapprove of is great, is desirable, is to be emulated. In that way, I hope to become more and more the “they” who respects everyone’s right to tell the story of who they are through what they look like. I want to become part of the “them” that is a safe space where that story is not ripped to shreds with looks, and giggles, and nasty little bladed comments.


Bondage gear, for the office

Picture dress code for the more formal workplace, or a formal event even in an office where the dress code is quite relaxed. You’d imagine people looking more or less like this lot:


Okay, now imagine all of them running a race.I’ll wait while you finish laughing. Even the girl wearing trousers is going to have a problem because she’s in heels.

Women are expected to wear clothes at events focused on their professional abilities which disable them, which limits their capabilities. Can it be that on some subconscious level, this contributes to the woeful state of women in work, especially management positions? Just a thought.




I promised to post photos of two dresses I’d made and worn recently. The photos aren’t great quality, but here you go. This one is basically a necklace and a wrap:

Sorry, that photo is really poor quality.

Here’s the other one, a wrap and six metres of broad ribbon:

I want to give a huge thanks to every single one of you who told me I looked great, last night and last week. It lifted my spirits and helped me have a fantastic time on both nights.

Thank you!

I rock

I’m delighted with myself, as in the last two weeks, I’ve made/worn two dresses which I think are really beautiful.

The one I made a few weeks ago and wore last weekend is basically a necklace I bought for €2 and a wrap I bought for €3. Tonight’s one is 6m of ribbon which I bought for €2 and a wrap I bought for I think either €3 or €5.

I so enjoy making my own dresses like this. Going shopping for a dress usually just has me uber-depressed, and I think it’s partly because I need to create what I wear.

Pictures to follow. Right now, I need to get dressed. (c:

It never rains, but it pours

I’ve been hectically busy with loads of stuff, and got addicted also to the short, sharp updates on Facebook. The result was a long silence on here, which I’m making up for with three posts in one hour.

I have to report on my dress. Well, at the minute it’s a wrap and some yarn, but it might be a dress one day. I want to make the wrap into a skirt part, and crochet the bodice.

So that’s another project to work on. I am so excited. Watch this space…