Clickety-clack, crickety-creak

heelsdeformed_feetThe sight of high heels often sends my thoughts into unexpected territories. It blows a storm of yes-buts through the tendrils of my mind. Yes, we should all be left alone to wear what we want, but why would you want to wear high heels? Yes, you may feel sexy in them, but why? Why do you feel something which makes you less able makes you more desirable? Why do we, as a society, look on something which can permanently damage someone else, as beautiful?

I can’t help but think of a world where women are no longer considered second-class humans, possessions even, as one where high heels will be looked on with the same horror now reserved for corsets and foot-binding. I can’t help but think of a world where heels are still considered sexy, as a world with a very big problem indeed.


Click here to see how badly your body is screwed over by high heels.

If you have a strong stomach, click here or on the photo on the right for more on deformities to feet by modern, everyday women’s shoes (right at the end of the article, which is about the now [thank gods] mostly abandoned practice of foot binding).


Bondage gear, for the office

Picture dress code for the more formal workplace, or a formal event even in an office where the dress code is quite relaxed. You’d imagine people looking more or less like this lot:


Okay, now imagine all of them running a race.I’ll wait while you finish laughing. Even the girl wearing trousers is going to have a problem because she’s in heels.

Women are expected to wear clothes at events focused on their professional abilities which disable them, which limits their capabilities. Can it be that on some subconscious level, this contributes to the woeful state of women in work, especially management positions? Just a thought.



I am a feminist

Before you faint, explode, celebrate or whatever, read my description. This word, it may not mean what you think it means.

My definition of feminism is a desire for women to be treated as human beings, no more, and no less. It is not a desire to deny the biological differences between men and women, it’s not a desire for men to be treated as second class citizens. It’s a desire for women and men to be subjected to equal expectations within their capabilities, no unreasonable or unfounded assumptions of capabilities or limitations based on gender, and no expectations based on a preconceived notion of what your interests, tendencies, talents or preferences are because of your gender.

Just wanted to clear that up, and have the definition written for a quick link as a handy reference next time I rant about stuff that annoys me.